Special Interests

Old National Bank has again proven to be a good community partner, agreeing to donate $500 to sponsor the FHSP Newsletter!  Thank you ONB!!!

Founder’s Plaque Unveiled! At the January meeting, the FHSP unveiled the Founder‘s Plaque which features the names of all FHSP Founding Members who gave a donation of $100 or greater during the innaugural year.  This beautiful plaque was sponsored by Expressway Chevrolet and will be displayed at the Nature Center in Harmonie State Park.  Thank you so much to all of our supporters who help us continue to improve this place we love! Founding Members include: American RV, Old Beech Cemetery Board, Old National Bancorp, Fred & Marilyn Hirsch, Kent & Laurie Parker, Rick & Sherri Allen, David & Vicki Campbell, J.C. & Emma Egli, Stan & Becky Egli, Jim & Lois Gray, Denny & Jennifer Hargett, John & Mary Hirsch, Michelle Hirsch, David & Nancy Juncker, Eddie & Jackie Knapp II, Chuck & Bonnie Minnette, Mulzer Crushed Stone, Jason & Kerry Martin, Melvin & Susan Martin, Dan & Mary Ritter, Donnie & Marilyn Sollman, Joe & Terry Stoltz, Tony & Nancy Thompson, USI Historic New Harmony, Bill & Sharon York, and In Kind Donations from Craig Goedde, Expressway Chevrolet, Harmonie Associates, Pioneer Plastics, and Schneider Heating & Air.

THE MANY FACE OF JAMES GRAY: Click here to read the full bio of Jim Gray, Harmonie State Park Manager for over 30 years!  If you’ve visited the park, we’re almost certain you’ve seen Jim working his way through the park, making sure everything is in top shape and ready for your enjoyment!  Enjoy the article – even if you already know Jim, you might find out something new!